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[MUSIC] Lil Baby – Frozen | Mp3 Download

Written by Nollyrex

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Lil Baby Frozen Lyrics:

Can someone come unthaw my heart? I think it’s frozen

[Verse 1]
How you bring a knife to a gunfight?
They gon’ always do it twice when it’s done right
I remember ridin’ ’round ’til the sunlight come up
I ain’t tryna argue so I hung up
D-boy fresh with it on me, know how I pop out
If bullshit is not important, what I’m gon’ lie ’bout?
Don’t play with Baby, I give you somethin’ to cry ’bout
That’s a dime, that’s for you and four of your friends to fly out
Every time we outside, that shit be goin’ up
I got women tryna get at me like you been growin’ up
Really, I know you see what’s happenin’, I’m steady blowin’ up
I know niggas want me to fall but I’m steady goin’ uphill
Started from the bottom, how the fuck I’m up here?
If you rеally came from nothin’, then you know how that feel
Ain’t no extras, only stеppers, that’s the way that I live
Put some extras on it, blessed it, nigga, that’s what I did
Heart cold frozen, got my mindset on where on however this shit go
Still kinda nervous hopin’ nobody would notice it
At the point, I met you, slowed me down

Lil Baby – Word On The Street | Mp3 Download

You fuckin’ up my focus, bro, I’m really on some more shit
Ain’t been on the scene that much, I’m somewhere gettin’ loaded
Ain’t talkin’ ’bout weed that I smoked or lean that I po’d
I’m talkin’ ’bout this money I’m savin’ up, I been in the tuck
Fuckin’ with me, winin’ the lottery, ayy, who feelin’ lucky?
Know some real ones ready to slide with me if I press the button
People who done really been down from me, they don’t ask for nothin’
Keepin’ it one million, I’m too real to say that I’m one hundred
You are not the one ’cause you got money, real shit

I don’t know what they told you, but you got me fucked up
You see how we walked in? You can’t see we run stuff?
I gotta think out the box, I hate bein’ bunched up
Glad that I been through a lot, it made me a monster
I done seen this shit get grimy, I can’t have no conscience
See ’em tryna clone me and all, but it’s only one me
If I came in this world alone, why I get lonely?
Can someone come unthaw my heart? I think it’s frozen


Download Mp3: Lil Baby – Frozen Song Below.



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