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[MUSIC] Lil Baby – Danger Mp3 Download

[MUSIC] Lil Baby - Danger Mp3 Download
Written by Nollyrex

Stream, Play, and Download Lil Baby – Danger | Free Music Mp3 Download. Lil Baby – Danger lyrics, Video MP4, Audio 320kbps, Songs, Albums.


Lil Baby – Danger Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Chrome Heart jeans look kinda dumb with the Amiris
Some would call it crazy, half a ticket on some earrings
At it for a decade, had a plug when I was sixteen
PTSD, I ain’t sleep so I don’t got dreams
Two things I ain’t running out, this money and this lean
Two things I care about, my family and my team
We was supposed to keep it on the low, but why you scream
Balling like the playoffs, I was tryna get a ring
Penthouse in Miami
Pretty vibes wildin’ out like they work for Nick Cannon
Tell that bitch to have a seat, I know that she can’t stand it
Tell them boys it’s fuck ’em all, ain’t got no understanding
Legend in my neighborhood for real, free Shannon
Keeping my composure, I’m on chill, I can’t panic
Thеy say I wouldn’t make it past two years, but I managed to
You supposеd to go with how you feel, I’m not mad at you
G-Wagen matte-blue


She get my rocks off, I buy her Goyard
Fuck all the time and still act like I don’t know her
I heard that pressure bursts pipes, I come so hard
Why y’all on my dick? You know that’s your ho job
Ain’t worried ’bout nothing
Everybody they own boss, we all getting this money
Call it what you wanna call it, I’m one of the owners
I could’ve exposed you, brodie, but I ain’t gon’ talk about it


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