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[MP3] Lil Baby & Lil Durk – Make It Out

[MP3] Lil Baby & Lil Durk - Make It Out
Written by Nollyrex

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Lil Baby & Lil Durk – Make It Out Lyrics:


[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
I told my daughter, she don’t understand who her daddy is
I’ll tell you somethin’, don’t run your mouth, but I bet he did
Landlord came to pick the rent up, but I ain’t let him in
It’s not being embarrassed, I’m too addicted to this medicine
Hundred-thousand on my, take it back, tell him, “Don’t threat again”
Pray to the high power, hope the judge give me a severance
Young niggas turnt up with the check, look like a settlement
It’s only me and a different couple rappеrs who ain’t checkin’ in (Yeah)
You will nevеr see my name in paperwork, never, never
And this a street nigga on my case, but he a teller, teller
And I had a deep talk with my dawgs and that shit feelin’ better
4TF, his shit be big whenever we get together
I felt like a lil’ boy ’round this bitch, had to get my shit together
I told my bitch that shit is a goal when you shit together
Ain’t talkin’ lean, switch his beam, shit my kit together
Some of this shit be temporary, but loyalty, this shit forever (Oh)
Every time your dawg die, they forget about his mama ‘nem (Oh)
I done left his ass around some cash, and he ain’t pocket shit (Oh)
Ain’t the type to try and spread a rumor, I go off documents (Oh)
I don’t take threats lightly, he died off a argument (Oh)
Yeah, slide with ’em (Oh)
Okay he did, but he died with ’em (Oh)
How you say your ass a boss, but you don’t provide niggas? (Oh)
And I really love my brothers even though I clash with ’em, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Oh)

[Chorus: Lil Baby]

The second time ain’t nothin’ like the first, you gotta make it count
Every day I’m tryna break this curse, I gotta make it out
We ain’t had no other way to go, we had to take a route
Soon as they come in, we tryna get ’em out
One day we gon’ run into you, nigga, better watch your mouth
Really don’t be demons, I don’t believe it, that shit all for clout
I can make my people ‘nem come see you for a small amount
I’m hot as a fever, you know we the ones they talking ’bout, yeah


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