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[MP3] Lil Baby, Gunna & Drake – Never Recover

[MP3] Lil Baby, Gunna & Drake – Never Recover
Written by Nollyrex

Stream, Play, and Download Lil Baby ft. Gunna & Drake – Never Recover | Free Music Mp3 Download. Lil Baby ft. Gunna & Drake – Never Recover lyrics, Video MP4, Audio, Tubidy, Mp3Paw,, 320kbps, Songs, Albums, youtube to mp3.


Lil Baby, Gunna & Drake – Never Recover Lyrics:

[Intro: Drake & Lil Juice]
Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up
Ayy, yeah
Tay Keith, this too hard
Ring, ring, ring, we drip too hard, ayy
(Run that back, Turbo)
Yeah, ayy, look

[Verse 1: Drake & Gunna]
I bring up money, they change up the topic
I got a 19 and it fold in my pocket
She gave me her number, now I gotta block it
I’m mixin’ the dirty bills in with the profit
Clean that shit up and I give it right back to him
If I don’t fuck with him, then I can’t rap with him
I wanna be there when somebody catches him
I want a witness to see that shit
Man, these folks, these folks gotta goddamn hear this shit, no cap
I bring up hits and they change up the topic
I got a 19 and it fold in my pocket
One hell of a year and a nigga still droppin’
They wanted to stop it, but they couldn’t stop it
You told a story like shorty was feelin’ you
She told a story like she split the bill with you
Look at my story, man, no one could write it
Now I see a million, I don’t get excited

Lil Baby – All Of A Sudden ft. Moneybagg Yo | Mp3 Download


I might just YSL my shit, the Thugger way
Ain’t no real sense in me goin’ the other way
Cannot be seen in that shit from the other day
Virgil just chef’d me a whole different colorway
Please don’t be stupid, it’s Baby and Gunna
And Baby, he wanted her, so I just swung her
Next time I’m in Dallas, I’ll look for another
You niggas fell off and you’ll never recover

[Chorus: Lil Baby]

And I’m gettin’ by, let ’em choose sides
We get M’s in by the shoe size
I don’t fuck with y’all type of kind
I done seen all y’all dickride
Bread winner like I’m Kevin Gates
And I swear to God, I don’t get tired
From the trenches, now I’m goin’
Spend a whole hundred on a new wristwatch


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