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[MP3 DOWNLOAD] Iyaz – One Million

Written by Nollyrex

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Iyaz – One Million Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Girl you know where I stay, every day
Cause girl the definition of a good woman
Best to give your boy got good loving, loving, oh
And it’s more than just that, you had my back
When everybody say I wouldn’t be nothing
Let me feel like I could be something, something, oh

I can’t wait, can’t wait
Till I see your face
We both hate when I go away
So let ’em say, let ’em say
What they wanna say
I know it can’t rain every day, oh

One million ways to lose it all
One million ways that we could fall
But I keep holding on
I put that on my heart, baby
One million miles kept you away
One million days without your face
I never feel the love so strong
And I put that on my heart baby

Put that on my heart, girl, I put that on my heart [x3]


[Verse 2]
Even though we may fight
Just give it lil’ time
You know that we gon’ be back up and runnin’
Back to the kissin’ and the huggin’, oh
Oh girl I need you to see
Without you where would I be
You know you my everything, my everything

[Pre-Hook & Hook]

[Verse 3]
I’ll be right there til we grey and old
I’ma keep you warm when your world turns cold
Put me under pressure but my love won’t fold, oh
Many can try by my love won’t die
Can’t shoot us down cause we up so high
Can’t really explain what I see in your eyes


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