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Lil Baby – Waterfall Flow | Mp3 Download

Lil Baby - Waterfall Flow | Mp3 Download
Written by Nollyrex

Stream, Play, and Download Lil Baby – Waterfall Flow | Free Music Mp3 Download. Lil Baby – Waterfall Flow lyrics, Video MP4, Audio, Tubidy, Mp3Paw, 320kbps, Songs, Albums, youtube to mp3.


Lil Baby – Waterfall Flow Lyrics:

Baby, this that waterfall flow (Yeah, uh)
Baby, this that waterfall flow

[Verse 1]
Certain shit I’m not fascinated with, I can’t fake this shit
My legs made for a money run, I can’t chase a bitch
When the tab come, we don’t gotta split it, bro, I’m gon’ pay the shit
Somewhere in Toronto with a Canadian
Used to have no one to call on, now I fill up stadiums
Oh, you can’t be fucked with? You ain’t turnt, come get with Baby’nem
You supposed to be with us, but you switched up, you gotta stay with them
I ran up a dub in just two months, told you, “Don’t play with him”
This shit gettin’ crazy
I’m workin’ double time, this summer mine, I’m not just sayin’ this
We did too much to just be gang, I really treat him like family
I’m not a fraud, I make a lot of noise, that’s why they can’t stand me
You piss me off, we goin’ to war and I ain’t got no understandin’
Waterfall flow ’cause I just keep flowin’, yeah
She told me she comin’, so I keep goin’, oh yeah
Really tryna win? You gotta sacrifice
Bro’nem was gettin’ rich, I felt I had to try it
I took a little piece and went and maximized it
I took my little fans I had and amplified ’em
This shit don’t come free but you can’t go and buy it
Ain’t into the clout but I stay goin’ viral
You ain’t really down then you can’t come around us
Forever with the ones that I’ma do or die with


Phantom doors came suicide, used to have to catch a ride
I ain’t tryna go too deep, maybe we can catch a vibe
Maybe we can slide, dependin’ on what your plans like
I might play it quiet but you know that I’m the man, right?
You gon’ have to pick a side, come here, let me pick your mind
You can tell me all your flaws, I’ll get someone to fix your body
She love when I thug and like when I get romantic
She wanna be gang, I got her doin’ our handshake


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