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Lil Baby – Perfect Timing | Mp3 Download

Written by Nollyrex

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Lil Baby Perfect Timing Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
We did some shit that we was never ‘posed to do
If I ain’t put you down, you still wouldn’t have a clue
They say you get around, so what to me you new
Just know I’m down for whatever you wanna do
But lately I been indecisive, it’s probably best for you to choose
New Ferrari cost an M, if you want one, I’m buying two
Fell in love with stacking hundreds plus my favorite color blue
Started all this shit with nothing, ain’t no way that I can lose
If I run into the opps, then we gon’ eat, bruh say they food
Hundred million dollars cash inside the room, yeah, that’s my mood
Ain’t seen the hood in a minute, but shh, I’m still in tune
We got sticks and wе outside, I live my life likе I’m a goon

We fell in love with shit we never posed to love
You start acting out of character, I blame it on the drugs
I gave everything I could, I guess my good ain’t good enough
Had some people fuck me over so I keep my guard up

[Verse 2]

New Ferrari got two motors, gas station, charge up
I remember tryna run it up to snatch a charger
l told bro to keep his prayers up, know God got us
I been showing too much love, if I keep going, my heart’ll bust
They know they can’t fuck with us
I see her, I get a rush
Don’t go missing, stay in touch
I won’t fold or bend or break, I swear I’m solid as they come
I am not lil’ dude, he might be two, but he cannot be one


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