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Lil Baby – No Fly Zone | Mp3 Download

Lil Baby - No Fly Zone | Mp3 Download
Written by Nollyrex

Stream, Play, and Download Lil Baby – No Fly Zone | Free Music Mp3 Download. Lil Baby – No Fly Zone lyrics, Video MP4, Audio, Tubidy, Mp3Paw, 320kbps, Songs, Albums, youtube to mp3.


Lil Baby – No Fly Zone Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Wonderin’ why I do so much, I love her
Tryna make sure my whole family stay above water
If you fall, I fall, I’m not the type of guy that say I did my part
Lookin’ back on everything I did, I’m like, “I’m blessed beyond”
I gotta get rich for my kids, I’m on my second son
I done did the bid when ninety percent of niggas ain’t comin’ home
Until all my hitters get out the system, they goin’ in every song
I done ran up digits, real million off a camera phone
Now I run the charts, I’m goin’ hard damn near on every song
Try my best to help my people out, they try to do me wrong
I don’t hold grudges, I get money
I won’t budge and I won’t comment
Seen the way you played it, that shit raw, it made my stomach burn
Grandma told me long as I keep livin’, then one day I’ll learn
I got in that mode, couldn’t wait no longer, I had to take a turn
My grandad call me preacher man, my verses hit people like sermons
I was in the streets, but every week, I went to Sunday Service

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Pay my tithes and pray God watch my back and then I’m back to servin’
I’ma need for you to be near as possible, if nobody’s perfect
And I’ma do whatever I can do to help you, if you worth it
But freaks don’t get flooded and hoes don’t get purses
You get whatever if I get your mercy
I’ll give you drip, long as you don’t get thirsty
I’ll give you cars, one account, we can merge ’em
Give you a line just to call when it’s urgent
Shit wet, go so deep, it feel like we surfin’
Find your location, I don’t need your service
I stay on my job, I got this far from workin’
Too fresh to search me and she up ten Birkins

Shit could be worse
Don’t do all that, dawg, I had that shit first
Atlanta my playground and the whole world is my turf
Feelin’ like I was cursed
Came home and I ran it up, now they don’t know what I’m worth
I been gettin’ so high
I can’t even lie like I don’t know why
If we catch ’em, we gon’ flip ’em, this a no fly zone
Had to play the cross ’cause I had Chrome Hearts on (Yeah, yeah)


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