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Lil Baby & Lil Durk – How It Feels | Mp3 Download

Lil Baby & Lil Durk - How It Feels | Mp3 Download
Written by Nollyrex

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Lil Baby & Lil Durk – How It Feels Lyrics:

(What’s happenin’, Chi Chi?)
(Section 8 just straight cooked that muhfucker up)

[Pre-Chorus: Lil Baby]
I just put a Mansory kit on top of a Lamb’ truck
I know how it feels to stay down and run you some bands up
Hundred grand on me, it’s hard holdin’ my pants up
TRX, the Hellcat motor inside a RAM truck
Real ones like me hard to come by, it’s only a handful
Ain’t no money in the world that make me give my mans up

[Chorus: Lil Baby]
I know how it feel to think everybody against you
l know how it feel to watch bullets go through a windshield
I know how it feel when you try your best to be real
I know how it feel when you think no one understands you
l know how it feel when the one you love gettin’ ran through
I know how it feel, I done really cut off my mans too
I know how it feel when you broke, and them bills past due
Oh, you thought this shit was a joke? We on your ass too

[Verse 1: Lil Baby]

I can’t give my energy to anybody
I’m a billionaire in the making, I promise I’ma get one
Lil’ bitch tried to chase me, I had to stiff-arm her
Only had a couple dollars, I was still gettin’ fresh
I ain’t tryna say I’m cocky, but I feel I’m the best
Every time, I want the maximum, ain’t takin’ nothin’ less
I’ve been back-to-back jets, but I still fly Delta
Thick lil’ shit, but she can fit in my schedule
Yeah, always on the go, but I make time for that ass
Know I got a lot, but I’m on the grind, tryna get mad rich
I know I be calm, but I’m nowhere near average
A hundred million dollars cold cash gettin’ buried
Lookin’ at the man I’m becomin’, it’s gettin’ scary
All these bitches fuckin’ whoever, who gettin’ married?
I ain’t tryna go back to nothin’, I’m tryna have shit
I be quick to pick up that blicky, I got a bad wrist


Download Mp3: Lil Baby & Lil Durk – How It Feels Song Below.



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