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Lil Baby – Can’t Explain Mp3 Download

Lil Baby - Can't Explain Mp3 Download
Written by Nollyrex

Download Mp3: Lil Baby – Can’t Explain | Free Music Mp3 Download.


Lil Baby Can’t Explain Lyrics:

(Cook that shit up, Quay)
Don’t know how to feel, I got some feelings that I can’t explain

[Verse 1]
Clothes busted, nose dusty, watch the older bros hustlin’
Started off wrong, but you couldn’t tell me I ain’t know nothin’
All I ever want was to put on and give my folks somethin’
Knockin’ on my sister window, comin’ in at 4 somethin’
Mama trippin’ ’bout the way I’m livin’ and how my hoes comin’ (In and out)
Caught the next-door neighbor slippin’, we slimed him, left his nose runnin’ (In his house)
Knowin’ I can’t lie, so when she asked me, I make no comment
Terrorizin’, thuggin’, doin’ dumb shit, makin’ no money
It was time for me to go up, got a pack and made it blow up
Went into that corner store until I got it all
Know I skipped a couple parts, but I can’t never tell ’em all
But the moral of the story, I got it all out the mud
The way karma make me feel, I swear I think I’m in love
Been fuckin’ strippers since I was lil’, fell in love with the club
Bruh gave me everything I need, knew what to say to the plug
I got my hands on a few mil’, but shit, it still ain’t enough
It’s like my life is like a dream, but I’m still here when I wake
l’m gon’ get everything I need, I’ll do whatever it take
I caught a case, ran, got away, I should’ve jumped in the lake
I thought about it the other day when I slid through in the Wraith

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