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Juice WRLD – The Bees Knees | Free Mp3 Download

Juice wrld the bees knees - Mp3 Download
Written by Nollyrex

Juice wrld the bees knees - Mp3 Download

Mp3 Download: The Bees Knees – Song By Juice WRLD (Official Audio)

Artist Name: Juice Wrld
Song Title: The Bees Knees
Album: Death Race for Love
Released Year: 2019
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
The Bees Knees Lyrics:

Chasin’ the lean, rotting my brain, honestly (Chasin’)
Drugs the only thing that’s faithful to me, sorry to say (Faith)
Groupie hoes wanna come my way (C’mon)
Come take this pic and get out my face (C’mon)
That champagne glass on my kitchen counter (Yeah, yeah)
That’s codeine in it, no Ace of Spades (Oh yeah)

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[Verse 2]Wait wait wait, wait wait wait, nigga, wait
Nigga, it’s a wave, nigga, I’m a wave, you a slave
To these chains, forgettin’ about the road our forefathers paved
But hey, who am I to talk? I’m AP gang, a hundred fifty on my wrist, no case
Used to bein’ afraid, uh, coke on the dinner plate, uh
Brand new China set for the house, Versace dinner plates, uh
What your mama tell you about gettin’ involved?
You got you a gun but you still too soft
You ain’t gon’ shoot that bitch at all
If I got it on me, I’ma let that bitch off
Hot boy, young Lil Wayne shit, you see the socks boy
Plus I’m a Glock boy, new clip
Huggin’ a thot, boy, givin’ ’em top where they brain is
I’m a rockstar lifestyle livin’, dirt bike ridin’, totin’ stainless, I aim big

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Juice WRLD – The Bees Knees Mp3 Download, get below.

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