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Juice WRLD – Syphilis | Free Mp3 Download

Juice wrld syphilis - mp3 download
Written by Nollyrex

Juice wrld syphilis - mp3 download

Juice WRLD – Syphilis Download | Free Mp3 Audio

Artist Name: Juice Wrld
Song Title: Syphilis
Album: Death Race for Love
Released Year: 2019
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Juice WRLD Syphilis Lyrics:
Pussy wet
Just like a slip’n’slide
She gon’ let me fuck
Yeah, I get inside
Drop a heat-seeker
Run but you can’t hide
Police on my ass, buckle up
Let’s go for a rideCodeine with the Perc’s
Take too many, feel like I’ma gon’ die, ay
I can’t go out like that
Ain’t tryna make my momma cry, ay
Strapped with a .30
And I’ll pull up on him, leave him traumatized, ay
I can change anything
Got them Obama eyes, ay!

Bitch, got me sicker than syphilis
Your nigga tripping and I’ma get rid of him, uh
My eyes go blacker than licorice
I had a look at her, ended up killin’ ’em, uh
She told me I taste just like a lollipop
She can’t stop licking me up
Bitch, I’ma goat
Bitch, you suck
You wanna fight?
Bitch, what’s up?

Um, everyday I’m on go mo’
With a .40 up I my pants
Slump off with the Perc’s and the codeine
No more can I ever do Xans
Um, I take drugs when I’m coping
Umi tell me I’ll turn to a dope fiend
Niggas in jail dropping the soap like
I heard that that was your homie ..More Lyrics

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Free Mp3: Juice WRLD – Syphilis Download | Official Audio below.

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