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French Montana – Double G ft. Pop Smoke | Mp3 Download

French Montana Double G ft Pop Smoke Mp3 Download
Written by Nollyrex

French Montana Double G ft Pop Smoke Mp3 Download

Double G – Song By French Montana Ft. Pop Smoke | Free Mp3 Download

Artist Name: French Montana
Song Title: Double G
Featured artist: Pop Smoke
Album: CB5
Released Year: 2020
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

[Chorus: Pop Smoke]
I said I’m a double G, please don’t trouble me
Rocks all in my socks, guns up in my brief
If a nigga movin’ Wock’, that’s when he gon’ see
All the Woos pop out the cut, totin’ .33’s
I’m dark-skinned and handsome, she like, “You a gorgeous little gangster”
She said I talk like a Taurus, but I fuck like a Cancer
Got a bunch of young niggas that’ll make you run, nigga
Beam on the gun, nigga, I’m the wrong one, nigga


[Verse: French Montana & Pop Smoke]


Ayy, I’m the main one, I can’t run
Eyes red like St. John’s, broke down the work in eight corners
Now the crib like eight farms, onе king and eight pawns
Pull up and bought eight foreigns
I hit it, thеn run like I got eight warrants
800K chorus, three quarter mink out the forest
Pull up in them Aston Martins
Got low now it’s back to ballin’
Bet I’ll slang Eve out the garden (What? X6)
Like I’m N.O.R.E., Know them Coke boys get it cheaper

Got my top down, my feet up
Niggas sleepin’ when we creep up
Smokin’ on that ether, cup of lean
I pull up in that “You can’t afford this”
Fresh up off the block, now I’m on the Forbes list
I’m walkin’ down your block like I’m a tourist
Packs in it, dark tinted, black Camaro
Got the Cubans for the stash, I’m Robert De Niro
Millionaires, all my niggas fly in this
South Bronx, King Arthur, go and grab a chip
Where it’s fire, there’s smoke, G5’s in the air
French and Pop Smoke blowin’ smoke, that don’t see clear
Top charts in the field, top dogs in the buildin’

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Download French Montana – Double G Ft. Pop Smoke Mp3 (Audio) below.

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